select your bread

Different Options are available each week. Our menu tends to consist of a staple sourdough and 2 - 3 specialty loaves. New varieties are added regularly based on what we are baking and for the seasons, so always check back to see what’s baking!


  1. Once you have selected your bread choose between a Boule (round) or Pan (rectangular 'sandwich' shape baked in a pan) style. Most styles of our bread offer both but some may only have one option.

  2. Choose the day and date you would like to pick up your bread. We bake for collection on the following days

    • TUESDAY : Kellogg’s and Lawrence, Katonah 9AM - 5.45PM

    • FRIDAY :

      • All Together Now (53 South Moger Ave. Mt KIsco) 10AM-6PM

      • Pound Ridge Organics (22 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge)

    • SATURDAY :

      • LMNOP (16 Harris Rd, Katonah) 8AM - 11AM


Pre-pay at checkout. You can order as many weeks in advance as you like! Please note that your payment is SECURE and we do NOT keep your card details on file.

You will receive an order confirmation and then the day of pick up you will receive another email reminder when your bread is ready.