Artisinal Bread classes at Lmnop bakery

We are excited to announce the beginning of bread workshops! Workshops will be two days, four hours each day, starting July 15 & 16. Three ingredients: flour, water, and salt, are all you need to create delicious, naturally leavened bread at home.

Saturday, we will discuss the basics of sourdough bread and mix our loaves, ending the day with making our own wood fired pizzas.

Sunday, we will shape our loaves and bake using a standard convection oven and a wood fired oven. 

You will learn the basics of fermentation, proofing and shaping loaves, and how to maintain your sourdough starter, and will return home with the knowledge and confidence to make fresh healthy loaves in you own home oven. Workshops are limited to 6 people, everyone will leave with 4 loaves and your own sourdough starter.