What is Sourdough?

I like to think of ‘sourdough’ bread as the American slang term for any bread leavened using wild yeast and bacteria, instead of commercial leavening. Natural leavening coaxes the maximum flavor from wheat and other grains through long fermentation. This long fermentation builds air and flavor compounds, developing the texture and flavor in a crumb and crust of sourdough in a way a commercially leavened loaf will never taste. 

Sourdough bread fermentation develops not only the flavor of wheat, and other grains, but also allows the nutrients to be more readily available for our bodies to absorb. This is perhaps why people who have previously had a tough time with gluten may find naturally leavened/sourdough bread is much easier to eat and digest.

Why do we have to PRE-order our bread? And why so far in advance?

LMNOP breads take approximately 36 hours to build the starter, measure flour, mix, and bake.  Pre-ordering ensures every loaf has a home and we produce very minimal waste!

How long will my bread keep?

Left out on the counter, 1 week. Follow the instructions below for optimal shelf life.....



How should I store my bread?




Sourdough loaves need to breathe! Please keep your fresh sourdough loaf out of the fridge for the best crust and crumb. The natural leavening acts as a natural preservative.

Once cut, place the cut side down on a surface, and the crust will protect the rest of the loaf from drying out. Bees Wrap is awesome too. If your loaf starts to feel dry, wrap in a linen or cotton dishtowel, and then perhaps a paper bag. 

To restore the soft crust of a loaf to crisp and crusty- pop in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

For focaccias and ciabattas, or anything with commercial yeast, eat asap. They are leavened using commercial yeast or a combination of commercial and natural sourdough starter and do not have as long a shelf life.

Yes! I prefer freezing the whole loaf, halves or quarters – they taste more like fresh baked when thawed and toasted. Just leave on the counter to thaw, or pop in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil, at 350 for 10-15 minutes. However- it is super convenient to pre-slice- then freeze in a zip lock bag for easy access to slices- then just toast until done to your liking. 

Can I freeze my bread?

What flour do you use?

As our primary basic loaves are only flour, water, and salt, the flour quality is essential. We use organic flour milled by Wild Hive Farm, with 100% of the germ left in tact. The germ carries the majority of vital nutrients and minerals. We've been ordering flour from Wild Hive for a few years and they are an amazing local resource, of both grains and baking knowledge.

Their mission:

Wild Hive Farm was founded to promote sustainable agriculture in our region by promoting grain-based local agriculture.  This mission is born out of the local food movement and Wild Hive is committed to the production of locally grown and milled high quality flour. Wild Hive operates a flour mill using traditional stone grinding equipment. Wild Hive has received considerable recognition for its flour, which is milled in small batches from organic grain purchased from local and regional farmers. Wild Hive is significantly different from other flours in that it is fresher, with a taste and quality difference is appreciable and is highly regarded by top chefs and “locavores” who prefer to cook and eat high quality locally sourced ingredients.