Wholesale LMNOP Challah

Wholesale LMNOP Challah


Our LMNOP Challah is naturally leavened- so with all the beneficial bacteria of a sourdough culture, and the nutrition of our 100% germ intact wheat from our local mill, Wild Hive Farm. We’ve gone through many batches this week trying to get the right softness and sweetness to this loaf. While it might not be your grandmother’s Challah…. we hope you will enjoy it for Rosh Hashanah. Approx 1.5 lbs

ingredients: Wheat, water, eggs, sugar, veggie oil, salt, yeast

On a personal note- I’ve loved the challenge of making this bread. It’s not our usual sourdough, and brought up an Episcopalian in Northern Michigan, I did not have much Challah around as a child! But It’s been wonderful to consult our neighbors, family members, and other bakers to try and fine tune a bread to a memory taste. Also it’s a bread I’ve loved as a milliner turned baker, it seems fitting that I love making the braided crowns!

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