Wholesale Ana Ana Busy Mama

Wholesale Ana Ana Busy Mama


Raised a Michigan girl, I only recently became acquainted with this storied loaf. You may be a New England native and already know some version of the story, but in the version I heard Ana only made her husband cornmeal porridge and molasses to eat, and then one night up and left him! He was upset, and hungry, threw in some flour and yeast to the cornmeal and molasses, baked it up, and said "Ana, damn her!"

Well who knows if this ever truly happened, but I bet Ana was a pretty busy mama, and once in a while, yes, someone else should come up with a dinner plan.

Our Ana Ana Busy mama (Anadama) is made with freshly milled polenta from Wild Hive Farm, rye, wheat, and enriched with tangy buttermilk and butter, and our new version uses both maple syrup and molasses to create an amber toned, slightly sweet, tender crumbed loaf. I love this bread!

A boule.

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