Old Bread New

Old Bread New


Bread has long history of nourishment, to both body and soul, cultures… we’ve all learned revolutions have started due to the short supply of grain. Whether a forgotten pick up or one too many to eat- as a maker and a baker I hate to see bread go to waste. So, generally, they become big, rough, croutons saved for another use, another day.

I first heard mention of this technique in a workshop with master baker Jeffery Hamelman. This loaf has been long in the testing at home, and is ready to share.

Toasting the old bread gives an extra boost of flavor, then the croutons are re-hydrated overnight to soften again into a sort of bread porridge. The toasting adds a concentrated layer of rich, nutty, earthiness to the bread, then softening with water makes it possible to re-incorporate that extra flavor, similar to adding a porridge to a basic dough.

When it’s done, it’s the baby of our miche loaf and our porridge loaf!

100% sourdough leavening, of course. Limited quantity.

750g batard

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