Vollkornbrot, a German style, 100% whole grain rye- is back!

Rye is a grain of a different strain- earthier, funkier, more active and unpredictable than wheat. She’s a gorgeous blue green grey colored grain, low in gluten, and a totally different flavor profile than a whole wheat, rich, tangy, complex, developing even more by the day.

This loaf is 100% whole grain rye, we use a combination of finely milled dark rye and coarsely milled rye lifted into a loaf by a rye sourdough starter plus toasted sunflower seeds. Be bold.

We recommend thin slicing, (and I like to toast it up) and to keep your rye fresh, wrap it in Beeswrap (or plastic wrap) and refrigerate- it will last well over a week this way.

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