Intro to Sourdough

Intro to Sourdough


The scent of bread is the fragrance of all fragrances; it is the primal fragrance of our earthly life, the fragrance of harmony, of peace and of home. - Jaroslav Seiffert, 1984 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Always wanted to learn to bake bread at home? Curious about what makes a sourdough loaf more nutritious and delicious? In this workshop we will start right at the beginning with how to maintain a starter, and use those wild yeast and bacteria to bake bread at home. We will go through the basics of sourdough fermentation- how to maintain a starter, mix dough, shape dough, then bake proofed loaves. In this 3 hour class, we make sure you will have your hands in every step of the sourdough process, which normally is anywhere from 12-36 hours, so you know what to look for in each step. You'll leave with recipes, tips, and the confidence to bake delicious homemade bread- and of course, freshly baked loaves and a little hands on homework.

Space is limited to 6 participants in a workshop. 

September 21 2019 4-7pm

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